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A dog out for a walk with their human

Help for Your Pet When It Matters Most

A cat that's been recently treated

Pet owners know that emergencies can happen at any time, and when they do, having access to reliable emergency veterinary services can make all the difference.

At Animal Care Center, we are able to see emergency cases for dogs and cats during our regular office hours. However, we ask pet owners to call ahead so we are prepared to treat your pet based on the accident or illness that may have caused the emergency.

After hours, our answering service can refer you to an emergency clinic. Don't hesitate to call if your pet is experiencing a medical emergency. We can guide you to the best option for care.

A dog being treated for an injury

The Right Care Makes All the Difference

At Animal Care Center, we’re here to help pet owners navigate whatever health concerns their pets face, even in emergencies. Because no two emergencies are the same, different types of care may be required to address your pet’s needs. However, there are some common circumstances that may lead to a medical emergency for your pet.

  • Trauma: Injuries from accidents, falls, or altercations with other animals can result in broken bones, internal bleeding, or severe wounds.
  • Poisoning: Ingestion of toxic substances, including household chemicals, human medications, and poisonous plants, can be life-threatening.
  • Respiratory Distress: Breathing difficulties can stem from various causes, including allergic reactions, heart failure, or obstructions in the airway.
  • Bloat: Gastric torsion or "bloat" is a life-threatening condition in which a dog's stomach fills with gas and twists upon itself, cutting off blood supply to vital organs.
  • Seizures: Seizures can be caused by underlying medical conditions and require immediate evaluation to determine their cause and treatment.

If your pet is experiencing these or other severe symptoms, don’t wait to reach out to veterinary emergency services. Early veterinary intervention can make a significant impact on the outcome of emergency cases.

Once your pet is in the care of emergency veterinary services, your pet will be assessed by a veterinary technician or nurse to determine the situation's urgency. Depending on the nature of the emergency, diagnostic tests like X-rays, blood work, or ultrasound may be performed to assess your pet's condition. The attending veterinarian will discuss the diagnosis and recommended treatment options with you. Treatment may involve surgery, medication, fluid therapy, or other interventions. After treatment, your pet may require follow-up care or monitoring.

Emergency veterinary services are a lifeline for pet owners when the unexpected occurs. At Animal Care Center, we want to help ensure that your beloved pets receive the prompt and expert care they need, potentially saving their lives.

In times of crisis, we’re here to provide comfort, care and hope for you and your pet. Call us if you need assistance during an emergency.