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An Italian Greyhound

Specialized Care for Italian Greyhounds

An Italian Greyhound

At Animal Care Center, we understand that Italian Greyhounds are a unique breed with specific health needs.

Our practice is dedicated to providing exceptional care, with a particular focus on the rehabilitation and orthopedic surgery needs of Italian Greyhounds. Whether your furry friend is recovering from a joint injury, requires orthopedic surgery, or simply needs routine care, our expert team is here to ensure they lead a happy, healthy life.

World Renowned Care

Dr. Brown has earned the recognition of the Italian Greyhound Club of America for his expertise and exceptional care. Animal Care Center is globally recognized as a leader in the care of Italian Greyhounds, and many patients are referred to our practice because of the knowledge and experience of Dr. Brown and our staff.

  • Italian Greyhound Specialized Care Our veterinarians and staff are experienced in the care of Italian Greyhounds, and understand their distinctive anatomy, temperament, and health concerns.
  • Rehabilitation Expertise: We offer state-of-the-art rehabilitation services to help Italian Greyhounds recover from joint injuries, surgeries, or mobility issues. Our tailored rehabilitation programs focus on restoring their strength, mobility, and quality of life.
  • Orthopedic Excellence: If orthopedic surgery is necessary, our skilled surgeons provide cutting-edge procedures and post-operative care to ensure the best outcomes for your Italian Greyhound.
  • Comprehensive Care: From wellness check-ups and preventive care to nutrition advice and behavioral support, we provide a full spectrum of services to meet your Italian Greyhound's unique needs.

A Partner in Your Italian Greyhound's Wellbeing

Whatever care your Italian Greyhound requires, Animal Care Center is here to help. We can provide any service from routine wellness checks to addressing advanced orthopedic concerns. No matter what stage of life your pet is in, we can support their health and happiness. If your Italian Greyhound ever does require care for joints or other orthopedic issues, you can rest assured that we’re experts who can offer the best care possible.


Tailored rehabilitation plans, including physical therapy and holistic options, to aid in recovery and improve mobility.

Orthopedic Care and Surgery

Advanced orthopedic procedures, including joint stabilization and fracture repair, are performed by our experienced surgeons.

Pain Management

Effective pain management solutions to ensure your Italian Greyhound's comfort during recovery or while dealing with chronic conditions like arthritis.

At Animal Care Center, we believe in nurturing the unique bond between Italian Greyhounds and their owners. Your Italian Greyhound's health and happiness are our top priorities. We invite you to explore our services, meet our dedicated team, and discover the specialized care your Italian Greyhound deserves. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward your Italian Greyhound's journey to optimal health and wellness.